Training Toward Micro Multisites


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Praise God!

We praise God for the Lord’s clear leading in allowing the Robert Ave building to be purchased for $80,000 by a church named New Life from a man who flew in from the East Coast!  Pray for New Life to truly represent Christ Jesus in deed & word!

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I remember a physical science demonstration from my growing up years.

What happens when you take all the colors in a water color pallet and mix them together?  After mixing & mixing & mixing, you eventually see black paint.  All the different colors mixed together look black.

We then painted a circle with the colors from the water pallet.  The circle was divided up in pie pieces so that each color had its own space.  We were then posed a new question.

What happens when you have all the colors that would have been on a water color pallet equally divided up into pie slices on a circle & you spin the circle on its axis?  Eventually, once you hit a certain speed, all the different colors spinning fast around the axis of the circle look white!

The point that was being made was about the ways the different mediums reflected Light!  It is the Light that exposes the distinctions & it is Light that reveals how the distinct colors work together to make one new color that can only be made when ALL of the colors are together.

I think maybe Christ’s idea of having His Spirit live in this gathering of people He called the Body of Christ, of whom He said to Saul of Tarsus, “Why are you persecuting me?”, maybe His idea of telling us to let our Light shine was the driving force behind His heart desire that He revealed in His final prayer for the gift of His oneness to be our oneness…Maybe that’s what multi-congregational ministry projects are about…all us distinct colors working together to let His Light shine exposing a new color never before seen until all the distinct colors are mixing it up together.  Hum…

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